The Physical Hunger Scale

When a person honors their hunger signals, they are able to provide their body with what it needs, or recognize when they are satisfied and stop eating. To begin to gain awareness of your level of hunger and associated body sensations with this resource!

Deep Breathing

#Mentalhealthmonday Do you know why your counsellor continues to mention, teach, and encourage deep breathing as a strategy to support your wellbeing? Deep breathing supplies oxygen to your brain. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system promoting a state of calmness often called the relaxation response. This is especially beneficial when persons are going through stress and […]

SMART Goals Template

Achieving wellness goals can be challenging, but why?  Many people set too large of goals. Large goals may initially provoke excitement and motivation, but as time passes large goals often become intimidating and overwhelming.  When creating new wellness goals, set yourself up for success by ensuring your goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and anchored […]


#wordstolivebywednesday Don’t get us wrong, sometimes all you need is a salt bath and chocolate cake for a little bit of a reset. However, sometimes we need to dig a little deeper for a more permanent and meaningful self-care. Whatever your self-care may look like, we hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday! What have […]

Big Boys DO Cry

#Mentalhealthmonday Men are allowed to have emotion, AND it’s okay for men to show their emotion. Men are allowed to not be okay, AND it’s okay for men to reach out for support. So many men suffer alone due to societal beliefs about who a man should be and how they need to handle challenging […]


#MentalHealthMonday Watching partners, family members, friends, and even strangers struggle with mental health challenges can be very hard. Here are some helpful ways to support those struggling with mental health. #Wildmountainclinicalcounselling


#Wordstolivebywednesday Empathy is not always simple. Oftentimes, we think that because we have been through a similar experience, we know what someone is thinking/feeling. We all have our own unique, individual experiences within. Try to listen to understand, not reply. #Wildmountainclinicalcounselling


#Mentalhealthmonday Trauma is often defined by health care professionals as an emotional response to a terrible event that overwhelms an individual’s ability to cope. Thus, a frequent trauma response is avoidance of all internal and external reminders of the terrible event. Unfortunately, this avoidance can have lasting effects, such as feelings of helplessness, a diminished […]

Your Mountain

#Wordstolivebywednesday #Wildmountainclinicalcounselling


#Mentalhealthmonday It is completely normal to get discouraged when it comes to our mental health. Choosing to heal yourself and find the right process to do so is never easy in itself. Stay positive, always choose your inner peace, and stick with your healing journey. We here at Wild Mountain Clinical Counselling are always here […]