Make Your Bed!


It’s crazy to think that a task as simple as making your bed in the morning could improve your mental health, however, studies have shown that taking that first step in the morning can have many benefits to a person’s health.

So why should you make your bed?

Studies have shown that making your bed can improve your mood by giving a sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning. Some believe that making your bed sets a positive tone for the day ahead.

Coming home to a bed free of clutter can also boost your mood and bring forth feelings of calmness. After a tough day, what do you need more than a cup of tea and a warm bed?

You may also find that getting into a bed made with clean, fresh sheets will help to relax and promote better sleep.

On the flip side, some might argue that a messy environment is a sign of genius and increased creativity.

Whether you choose to make your bed or not, is ultimately your decision. It is all about what makes you happy and what helps your mental health.

What is something that you consider to be an essential morning ritual?


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