Happy Life! – Affirmations and Gratitude Group

An anonymous and online group to share positive affirmations and gratitude, as well as read those of others, to promote happiness.

Positive affirmations are positive phrases or statements used to challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts, whereas gratitude is a deep appreciation for someone or something that produces positivity. Based on Positive Psychology philosophy and backed by research, frequent and conscious engagement in positive affirmation and gratitude has the ability to improve one’s subjective level of happiness.

To join this group simply go onto our Facebook page and select groups. Select Happy Life! – Affirmations and Gratitude and Join. Here is a link to the group as well.

(1) Happy Life! – Affirmations and Gratitude | Facebook

*Please note that Wild Mountain Clinical Counselling does not have any control over how Facebook uses your information/what your personal settings are. If you choose to post anonymously it will remain anonymous to us.

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